A 8-hours night is the key to be legally presentable after having released all the pressure, sketching another day with a head at peace (which is obviously not my case, the tiredness is one of my main problems about my grey tint and massive eyebags – seriously, do you guys have some tips to fall asleep easily and solve frequent insomniatic probs ?

Well, that is not the subject of today. Some of you ask me what are my morning rituals to be prepared to face a daring day, and they’re quite simple !

First of all, when I get out of bed my first habit is to drink 1 glass of cold water infused with korean yuzu/honey jam + spiruline vitamins.




That’s simple, my day can’t start without a good run (about 1h:30min / 7km). This is really the most efficient way to me to rouse my body, but also my mental. The sensation when you’re running faster as you can with motivating songs is uncompared and I have to admit that feeling your sweating corpse pushing its limits is beyond an overwhelming sensation. I feel cleaned physically and spiritually after a challenging run.

One word : well-hydrated.




I always took after a cold shower to fast my metabolism, it means about 20°c, to make my body aware. The coldness wakes me up. I’m using for my skincare one of my 4 essentials shared with you all in my former post.





Then, time to pulp the blood in my veins. I discovered Matcha tea two years ago and I am clearly a junkie to it. It keeps me healthy, detoxified, in a good greeny mood. You can find it easily in KMART, ACE Market and in some organic grocery now, and all around Rue Sainte-Anne area.

My pêché mignon is the Latte Matcha version in powder. I found one in ACE Market and it is obviously so delightful, sweet to body and mind, comfy tasteful, really fast and easy to prepare, smoothly comforting – and full of good vitamins.





Slices of lemon and avocado with leaves.


Then comes the time for a mix between sweet and sour, a brunch kindalike to begin the day without having a hunger at 11am, lol.

  • A bowl with : oat, soy yoghurt or rice/almond milk, grenade, watermelon and chia seeds (if you’re greedy, add some organic honey or agave syrup, I know you will love it + 70% at least dark chocolate that I crunch into little yummy chunks).
  • A korean tomato juice (cherry tomatoes flavor is damn good + yellow citrus juice + tabasco or a bottle of Aloe Tomato jelly drink.
  • An avocado with shichimi (powder made of seven hot spices from Japan) + an egg + steamed spinach + corn cakes or whole wheat bread.
  • A dorayaki, a typical Japanese cake (it is not a pancake, the taste and the texture are pretty different), with azuki (sweet red beans paste) inside of that cute snack to face the day.




One essential ritual of my morning routine is to do everything with music playing on : I always play my favorite atmospheric playlist on and let myself appreciate the present time, getting my body and mind prepared to face a brand new day, but soflty and with only good vibes.




My playlist of the moment (perfect to wake me up with delicate atsmosphere) :

Lana Del Rey – Pawn Shop Blues

Lykke Li – Utopia

Troye Sivan – Bloom

Lou Reed – Walk On The Wild Side

Ben E. King – Stand By Me

Sam Smith – Say It First

Schubert – Ave Maria

Joe Hisaishi – One Summer’s Day

BORNS – Past Lives

Sigrid – I Don’t Wanna Know

Amy Winehouse – Tears Dry On Their Own

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