Who I am ? I am still looking for the answer!

My name’s Remy, 24, living in Paris and I finally decided to launch my own page, where I can share with you all my dreams, expectations, rises and falls, coups de coeur, and even more!

I studied in graphic design, arts and fashion, then became a florist, and after an unskilled but studious makeup artist and finally took the decision to try the exciting, intense but so fragile journey of being a free-lancer.

You will find on my site all my creations, mainly dealing with fashion sketches, drawings, paintings and photography. I want it to be a daily moodboard, an exposed diary like a therapy, a virtual blank canvas where I can pin on it what is on my mind, my visions and inspirations.

Imagination’s limits are far beyond me, and I wanna surf on her milkyway !

I am truely excited about beginning a brand new adventure with all of you.

Friendly yours,

R e m y aka moonfacedboy


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